Use of Dust Collectors in Cement Manufacturing

Cement Manufactoring, Dust Collectors

Cement is produced at a large level, in 2014 the amount was around 4180 million metric ton. As it is a very important part of our life now as most of the thing built around us is made with its help. But the thing that gave us shelter makes a very harsh effect on human life. While the manufacturing process and construction the cement that dissolve in the air we are breathing affects the human body so badly. Dust Collectors plays an important role at sight of construction and manufacturing. So the Dust Collector is the one machine that reduces cement’s effects in human lives and planet’s life.

How Cement Affect Health and Environment without Dust Collectors

While the manufacturing or construction process cement produces power in a large amount in absence of dust collectors. This is normally inhaled by the construction worker or nearby living people. This causes respiratory system problem to the victims. Not just human life, plants and water resources are also affected by this powder. Photosynthesis process is affected and powder polluting water also cause danger for the species living in.

Dust Collectors: A Solution into Cement Industry

To circumvent these problems, the particulates must be captured and recycled back to the production process. First and foremost, it is imperative to select the best type of dust collectors to maximize the gathering process.

Before selecting and installing a dust collector, the plant must be examined to detail. The sizing of the waste removal equipment must be based on the size of the particulates, the properties of these wastes, temperature, the flow rate of these particles and the moisture content.

When inertial separators are used, it must be ensured that the applied force is enough to collect most of the waste materials. These separators use centrifugal, inertial and gravity. For settling chamber type, the particulate must be provided with adequate space to settle and distil. For cyclone separators, the centrifugal force must provide enough energy to remove all wastes.