Filtration Cartridges – Refurbished FplaV 144-20-108 R

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Our unique range of versatile and flexible dust collectors offers reverse pulse cleaning of horizontally or vertically mounted bags. This secures the best reliability in surface cleaning as well as in-depth cleaning. This fabric dust collector also keeps the maintenance at a minimum because the efficient pulse-jet bubble system automatically cleans the bags row-by-row even as the dust is being filtered.

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Technical Features:

Jet pulse bag-filter in standard execution (Steel ST 37), max 80º C, including support structure, system including bags in Polyester, differential pressure controller and cages. Painted in corrosion class C2 in Ral 5010.

Suitable for max. air volume: 12000 m3/h (depending on application)

Max. under pressure: 5000 Pa

Number of bags: 144

Length of bags: 2m

Filtration area: 106 m2

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