Refurbished AX 4/2 R

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The Cartridge Dust Collector with Horizontal Cartridges is provided with the technologies of the flow directing for intake air. This solves the phenomenon of non-uniform airflows in each chamber of general bag Dust Collectors. We have also developed a design of combining Teldust´s own invented nozzle system, with which we have achieved the optimal dust removal effect. Furthermore, the pulse airflow improves the dust collector effectiveness and elongates the service life of the filter cartridge. This combined with specially designed panels between each layer of cartridges that prevent dust from upper cartridges falling to lower cartridges makes the cartridge extremely efficient.

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Technical Features:

Filter in standard execution (Steel ST 37), max 60º C including support, dustbin, cartridges 4 pieces * 32 m2 = 132 m2 type Ruflow 21 (Cellulose/polyester – compound material), Differential pressure controller. Painted in corrosion class C2 in Ral 5010.

Suitable for max. air volume: 6500 m3/h (depending on application)

Max. under pressure: 5000 Pa

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