Controller for Dust Collector

Dust Collectors

Dust collector process is made up of different parts for controlling functions and keeps regular monitoring. One of the major sections of Dust Collection system is that a dust collector control. In this article, we are going to concentrate on dust collector controller which plays a very crucial part in Dust Collection System. Here we will be comparing and identifying a few of our controllers, as well as discussing how it could help your dust collector system in the most cost-effective manner, without compromising on any quality issues. Optimum use of dust collectors is going to result in revenue generation, reduce cost, save power and boost profits. 

General working of dust collector controller or sequential controller would be to automate the dust collection procedure. The controller sprinkles atmosphere on baffle plate (that functions as a filter in the dust collection system). When the sequential controller sprinkles polluted atmosphere, the dust has accumulated from the bag and pristine atmosphere passes from the outlet. After a couple of minutes, the controller again sprinkles atmosphere, therefore, the finest dust particles which are stuck onto the filter/baffle plate also gets collected from the bag. This way, dust is accumulated by using the dust collector controller in a timely manner as specified by Customer. 

Controller for Dust Collector

Broken Bag Controller Goyen 

Broken Bag Controller - Controller for Dust Collector

Avoid downtime because of broken bags of your industrial dust collector and also detect increases in dust levels on your air socket with the Teldust-Spareparts, Goyen Broken Bag Controller using the hottest triboelectric technology. 

The transmitter in Broken Bag Controller has sensors with an electric transmission output signal for remote indication of chemical concentration in air flows. The transmitters have applications in bin port monitoring, cyclones, filter flow, baghouses, and emissions monitoring. Is a reliable dust collector emissions track and flow detector. The loop powered design is excellent for a direct link with existing PLCs or other baghouse diagnostic management systems. Adjustable linear or logarithmic output scaling allows trending both baseline emissions and the high summit emissions that are caused by filter cleaning cycles and growing leaks. Observation of both peaks and baseline is vital to setting appropriate alarms. 

Controller RECO

Controller for Dust CollectorWe are proud to introduce our all-new Overall purpose programmable Control, the RECO Control CPU. 

RECO filter controls are the most reliable filter controls for the performance of diaphragm valves (filter valves) in jet dust collectors. Depending on the size of dust collectors and quite a few filter valves stand-alone-systems or modular methods are used. Based upon the diaphragm valve or filter valve, together with the solenoid or outside control, you will find the devices with or without built-in pilot valves.

In addition to this simple preliminary operation and the operator advice, you will find controls with integrated differential pressure transmitters and controllers for the pollution-specific cleaning of the filter components. For the Additional process and price optimization of dust collectors there are controls: 

Tank pressure controller to decrease the intake of compressed air and prolonging the lifetime of filter components. 

As an alternative to ΔPmax / turn on and ΔPmin / switch off the way that the change of the pause interval as a function of the differential pressure is potential. 

Dust monitoring, i.e. broken filter elements are no longer controlled, so as to maintain the dust concentration low in the gas leak. 

The Controller provides integrated system control that includes:

  • Precise temperature, pressure, and degree management
  • Full alarm/fault logging and diagnostics 

Built around our proprietary software, the Controller offers the benefits of:

  • Greatly simplified Simplicity of use/set point adjusting
  • Backlit LCD display for easy viewing
  • Double control valve staging /sequencing
  • Improved reliability in the low cost