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Dust Collector Coil for Valves

and Filter Cadges-Products

Filter Cadges

The filter cadges are used for the basic support structure of filter bag. Teldust Spareparts is a premium supplier and manufacturer of Filter Cadges that helps to store filter bags in a safe place. We provide the services of filter cadges to our customer with made of smooth wires and durable metals to ensure a better service life.

The characteristics of Filter Cadges are ensured smooth surface from the unwanted piece of material. The automatic welding machine is used to build filter cadges that provide the strength and accurate dimensions. In a filter bag of dust collector, filter cadges are the support system.

Dust Collector Coil for Valves

Teldust Spareparts provide their service of Dust collector coil for valves in the air pollution control industry. We are working with professionals and experts who provide the perfect solution for air pollution and air quality control with ensuring of zero damage to the stored items.

Our service of dust collector system includes the different products which are used in dust collector coil for valves are as follows:

  • Autel Valve
  • Coil for Valve ATEX ZONE
  • Coil for Valves lP65
  • Connector Standard
  • Connector with Diode for Valve
  • Pilot Valve